The Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee makes a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting on the election of shareholder-elected directors of the Board and their deputies.

The Nomination Committee’s most important task is to ensure that the Board’s overall expertise and experience is continuously evaluated in relation to the challenges facing the Schibsted Group at any time.

The Nomination Committee also proposes remunerations of the directors at the Annual General Meeting. The remuneration is a fixed amount that does not depend on results or involve options.

The Nomination Committee is elected by the Annual General Meeting for two year terms and consists of 3 members. The Nomination Committee is independent of both the Board and Schibsted’s management.

The Nomination Committee consists of the following members: John A. Rein (leader) Blommenholm Industrier, Ann Kristin Brautaset, Folketrygdfondet, and Spencer Adair, Baillie Gifford.

Shareholders who wants to contact the Nomination Committee with proposals or comments may use the following email address: