Annual report 2015


“Together with the companies in our Group and our users, we believe that Schibsted can make an impact.

Our business areas offer us the opportunity to improve society through high-quality journalism, democratized commerce and transparent marketplaces – and by enabling people to live more environmentally friendly lives by trading second-hand.

Being a responsible business is our legacy. And our future.”

Lena K. Samuelsson, EVP Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility

How We Care: Our approach to corporate social responsibility

From the very beginning, Schibsted has been a company with the consumer at heart. We are proud to embrace our mission ‘Empowering people in their daily life’. Our mission is supported by our values:

  • We have integrity
  • We are innovative
  • We are a team
  • We are here to win

We define our corporate social responsibility in terms of how we integrate social and environmental concerns within our business operations and interact with our stakeholders, while addressing the expectations of our shareholders. In other words, how we care about our users and readers, our employees, the local communities impacted by our operations, the environment, and society at large. Our ambition is to maximize the creation of shared value for our shareholders, our stakeholders, and society while minimizing potentially negative impacts of our operations.

In Schibsted we draw a distinction between our corporate social responsibility – which is a strategic business issue – and social conscience, sponsorship, and philanthropy. However, while these represent a valuable contribution towards creating a better world and enhancing our companies’ reputation and brands, we firmly believe that our corporate social responsibility goes beyond that.

In 2015 corporate social responsibility was an important item on the Group’s agenda. In September we launched our corporate social responsibility website How We Care ( at the Group’s annual strategy summit, which gathers leaders from all our companies. We have also looked at what we can do together with our users through both Group-wide and company-specific initiatives to help Syrian refugees. We have put Women in Tech on the agenda. And finally we launched the “Second Hand Effect” project to measure the climate benefits of second-hand trading in five of our key European markets. This statement gives an overview of our key policies and principles for the CSR areas that are important to us and to our stakeholders, major achievements in 2015, and our plans for 2016.

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