Nina Brekke

Former Schibsted trainee, now General Manager of FINN torget (

When did you start as a trainee?

- On 1 February 2003.

Which positions have you held since completing the trainee program?

- I first joined FINN torget as Product Manager before becoming Director of Product and Business Development and, now, General Manager.

What were the most important things you took away from the trainee program?

- At the time I finished my studies, I knew little about what was involved in being a full-time employee. The opportunity to try out four different jobs in the course of two years provided me with a perfect basis for deciding where I wanted to work and what I wanted to do once the trainee program was over. Switching jobs every six months really taught me a lot in a short space of time. I also gained an invaluable network consisting of people from different companies and other trainees and alumni.

Why would you recommend others to become a Schibsted trainee?

- The Schibsted group consists of both older brands and new business areas and has demonstrated the ability to adapt well to the new media. It is also inspiring to work with people with different backgrounds. The trainee program has a good reputation in Schibsted’s subsidiaries, so expectations to each trainee are high. That is why they are assigned challenging tasks from day one.

Any advice for program applicants?

- Tell us why you want to be part of our team and what we can expect of you.