Olivier Aizac

CEO, Leboncoin.fr in France.

What has been your experience of Schibsted trainees?

- Positive in every way! The trainees brought energy and curiosity into our new projects and thereby made an important contribution to getting them off to a good start.

In what ways have the trainees contributed to your organization?

- Many of them made important contributions toward developing Leboncoin.fr. Working on start-up projects involves a lot of multi-tasking. The trainees who worked on these were given lots of opportunities to explore all aspects of a small but growing business.

How would you describe a Schibsted trainee?

- They are always bright and creative.

Why should talented young graduates become trainees with Schibsted?

- First and foremost, because it is one of the world’s leading media companies that can offer you the chance to be involved in interesting projects and give you an understanding about what the media industry is all about. Another reason is that it gives you the opportunity to work in different countries and become as versatile as possible.

Any advice for program applicants?

- Be positive and curious. Contribute with ideas and join to learn.