Terje Seljeseth

CEO of Schibsted Classified Media (SCM) and member of Schibsted’s group management team. Former CEO of FINN.no.

What has been your experience of Schibsted trainees?

- I have mentored a number of trainees and have hired quite a few of them, both for traineeships and for permanent positions in Finn.no.

In what ways have the trainees contributed to your organization?

- First and foremost, the trainees who have worked in FINN have been responsible for much of the business development that has gone on in the company. Secondly, the trainees are a vital source of recruitment for many key positions, including the management team in Finn.no.

How would you describe a Schibsted trainee?

- The trainees I have mentored have all been very different types of people. I would say that good analytical skills and a good capacity for work are the two common denominators for most of them.

Why should talented young graduates become trainees with Schibsted?

- Because Schibsted has a highly professional and well-designed trainee program and is one of the world’s most future-oriented media companies.

Any advice for program applicants?

- Apply!