Media Houses

Firmly rooted in the journalistic tradition and with a keen eye on future trends and media development, Schibsted is creating the journalism of tomorrow - today.

Digitization, new platforms, new formats. Journalism is being formed, presented and shared by readers and users. The way people get their news will forever be changing, but the need for good and thorough journalism remains the same.

Schibsted is a driving force in the public debate, and has been so for generations. Well-crafted journalism is part of our soul and we are proud and aware of the social responsibility that comes with it.

We have a long presence in the media landscape, with more than 150 years of developing media so that they reach new readers, all the while maintaining high editorial independence, high quality and profitability. We bring the best of our past into the present.

The future is now

'Shaping the media of tomorrow. Today' is our vision. Through innovation we maintain a strong position in the future media market. Some examples:

• In September 2014, Aftonbladet conducted the first ever political party leader debate online, as part of the Swedish election build-up coverage.

• Before it was launched, the news app Omni was awarded the Innovation of the Year prize (Årets Dagstidning, Medievärlden / TU) and won the New Business Innovation Award (Schibsted)

• VG built an interactive and innovative solution for the Chess World Cup 2013. The audience followed the Norwegian chess prodigy, Magnus Carlsen, at the World Chess Championships in India. We live-streamed entertaining expert commentators and created dialogue with the public via social media. Even without the broadcasting rights, VG nonetheless succeeded in giving 'chess to the people' and experienced massive traffic to the service.

Schibsted Journalism Awards

To work for and gain distinction as pioneers of good journalism is fundamentally important in Schibsted. That is why the group created the Schibsted Journalism Awards in 2007; to honor exemplary works of journalism in the form of text, photos, sound or living images.

Three awards are presented. The winner of each award is rewarded with NOK 200,000.

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Schibsted owns several of the largest media houses in Norway and Sweden. Schibsted is also engaged in news media in France and Spain.

The collaboration between the Norwegian regional newspapers Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen was formalized through the creation of Media Norway in 2009. In 2012, VG was added to the company, which then changed its name to Schibsted Norway.

Schibsted Sweden was established in 2009 and consists of all the companies that are part of Aftonbladet and the Svenska Dagbladet group, in addition to an exciting portfolio of growth companies. Schibsted's Swedish operations are mainly located in Schibstedhuset in Stockholm.