Rian Liebenberg in new role as EVP, Chief Platforms Officer

Rian Liebenberg will serve as Schibsted´s Chief Platforms Officer, overseeing and advising our three Schibsted platforms for Marketplaces, Publishing and Advertising to help us achieve our platform ambitions and enable greater speed and focus.

Rian Liebenberg joined Schibsted as Group CTO in 2014 and has been a driving force in building Schibsted´s global product and technology teams and platforms. With our recent decision to move into two strong business divisions, Rian has been directing the work to organize our product and technology teams to ensure they have maximum impact across Media, Marketplaces and Group functions.

In his new role as Chief Platforms Officer, Rian will oversee and advise on our three Schibsted platform strategies for Marketplaces, Publishing and Advertising to help us achieve our platform ambitions. He will have a few focus areas: he will advise and support P&T efforts within both divisions, hold responsibility for group-wide governance of our platform projects, and continue to lead the P&T functions that remain at Group level on an interim basis until permanent team structures are in place within the Media and Marketplaces divisions.

“Rian is a real tech visionary who has dedicated tremendous energy to transforming Schibsted into a user-focused product and tech driven company,” said CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal. “I have every confidence this new mandate for Rian will help our divisions achieve greater focus and speed, while ensuring we measure our impact and maintain a close eye on rapidly developing technology trends.”

Our Chief Platforms Officer will play also an important advisory role, offering guidance and know-how to support the Board, the CEO and divisional leadership in platform- and technology-related matters. Rian will establish and chair a Technology and Platform Advisory Committee to increase our access to technical knowledge and expertise.

Rian said, “Platforms are the foundational pillar of our strategy for success at Schibsted, and our Media and Marketplaces platforms require independent focus and different speeds of execution, which will be delivered brilliantly by our two divisions. I’m delighted to take this role to continue supporting the business by guiding and maintaining control measures to keep all our platform projects moving in the right direction.”


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Published: 10/19/2017 3:39 PM
Last updated: 10/19/2017 3:47 PM