Investor Relations

The objectives for Schibsted’s investor relations work are to raise awareness about the company, build confidence in Schibsted in the investment market, increase our share liquidity and form the basis for right pricing of the share. Openness and transparency are fundamental to ensuring good relations with investors, analysts and other actors in the financial market.

Placement of B shares

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Q2 2015

Schibsted Media Group's Q2 2014 report was published 17 July 2015 at 07:00 CET. The following is available:

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B-share listing

June 1st 2015 was the first day of trading in Schibsted ASA's B-shares.

Statement issued by the Tinius Trust on the first day of listing of Schibsted's Class B shares on Oslo Børs.

The A-shares in Schibsted ASA were accordingly be traded ex split from and including June 1st 2015.

After completion of the split the share capital of the company is NOK 108 003 615,-, divided on 108 003 615 A-shares with a nominal value of NOK 0.50 and 108 003 615 B-shares with a nominal value of 0.50. The B-shares are ordinary, fully- paid shares carrying equal rights with the A-shares in all respects except that the B-shares are low-voting shares with only one vote per share while the A-shares have 10 votes per share.

As of 1 June 2015 the following applied:

  • New face value: NOK 0.50
  • ISIN A-shares (no change): NO000308904
  • Ticker A-shares (change): SCHA (name: Schibsted ser.A)
  • ISIN B-shares: NO0010736879
  • Ticker B-shares: SCHB (name: Schibsted ser.B)

Important information: It should be noted that for technical reasons the share split will be completed in the settlement system of VPS as a demerger.  



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Comparable historical figures

As of Q1 2015 is in terms of management and reporting a part of Schibsted Classified Media (SCM). All Schibsted's Online classifieds activities are now reported as part of SCM. Further on, as a result of its immaterial size, Media Houses International is no longer a separate segment. It is included in the segment Other.

Download XLS format with historical comparable figures here.

More detals about the reporting format

Invest in Schibsted

Clear strategy focusing on two areas

  • Strong media houses in the core markets of Schibsted Media Group
  • Online classifieds offering a combination of market leading positions with good profitability and growth as well as roll outs of new concepts in new markets.

Focus on effective operations and profitability.

Strong cash flow and competitive dividend policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Schibsted share

Do you have questions regarding buying and selling of Schibsted shares, participation at General Meetings, dividend, heritage of shares or other topics? Please see our list of frequently asked questions and answers.

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