Adjusted reporting format as of Q1 2015

As of Q1 2015 is in terms of management and reporting a part of Schibsted Classified Media (SCM). All Schibsted’s Online classifieds activities are now reported as part of SCM. Further on, as a result of its immaterial size, Media Houses International is no longer a separate segment. It is included in the segment Other.

Historical comparable quarterly figures according to the new reporting structure for 2013 and 2014 can be downloaded here

The following adjustements have been made:

1. Operating segments (Revenues and EBITDA):

  • a. Media houses International is no longer a separate segment. It is included in Other. This is due to its immaterial size.
  • b. Media houses International is included in Other from Q1 2013. Other includes 20 Minutes Spain, Møteplassen, Eesti Media Group until September 2013, Aspiro until March 2015.
  • c. Online Classifieds reported as one line. The specification is show under 8. Online Classifieds.

2. 20 MIN specification will no longer be included from Q1 2015 (9. 20 Minutes).

4. Advertising volume will no longer be included from Q1 2015 (11. Advertising Volume).

5. Specification of 8. Online Classifieds:

  • a. Finn is included as Norway in the specification of Online Classifieds since Finn now is part of the Schibsted Classified Media reporting structure. The Online Classifieds segment is now the same as Schibsted Classified Media.
  • b. Norway and Sweden will also be shown in local currency.
  • c. The table shown will only include the consolidated companies (subsidiaries). Joint Ventures and Associated Companies will no longer be proportionately included. JV and AC will however be separately specified (Revenues and EBITDA) as they would have been if they were proportionately included.
  • d. Operating revenues per country shows the external revenues. These figures included revenues from other segments in Schibsted Media Group earlier. The external revenues will give a better understanding of the revenue development since the internal revenues may fluctuate when the internal reporting structure changes. The revenues from other segments are now included as a separate line for the Online Classifieds segment as a total.
  • e. EBITDA is shown as before; that is excluding management fee. The corporate costs related to management fees are included in Headquarter/Other as before.