Schibsted is a limited company which aims to provide competitive financial returns based on a sound balance sheet. The company must meet the stock market’s demands for yield, growth and professionalism.

Schibsted's financial targets are the following (confirmed at the Schibsted Media Group Investor Day 9-10 October 2013):

Annual growth in operating revenues for Online classifieds the coming 3 years: 15-20%

Financial gearing: NIBD/EBITDA 1-2x. In special situations up to 3x, but with a plan to reduce to normal range

Dividend policy: 25-40% of cash flow

Equity ratio: 35-50%, minimum 25%

Invest in Schibsted Media Group

Clear strategy focusing on two areas:

  • Strong media houses in Schibsted Media Group’s core markets.
  • Online classifieds offering a combination of market-leading positions with good profitability and growth as well as roll-outs of new concepts in new markets.

Focus on effective operations and profitability.

Strong cash flow and competitive dividend policy.

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Investor Day 2013