The strategic pillars

Our media houses

Several of our media houses are among Europe’s leading online newspapers and pioneers in the fields of web TV, mobile and paid online services. The industry know-how which Aftonbladet, VG and our other media houses possess about the interaction between established and new media forms much of the basis for our ambitions for future growth.

In addition, Scandinavia is a laboratory for new media developments, particularly in the areas of the internet and mobile communication. Being at the forefront of the Scandinavian market gives us unique opportunities to export concepts and expertise to other markets in and outside Europe.

Online classifieds

The export of tried and tested media concepts in our home markets is an increasing part of Schibsted’s growth strategy. In recent years we have been systematically expanding our online classifieds business, both through acquisitions and organic growth. The online classifieds segment is a long-standing part of our business model, and these transformations will ensure that it continues to be so for a long time to come.

Growth and innovation

For over a decade Schibsted has successfully invested in talented teams that are truly passionate about their service, their product and their mission. Together we have built some of Europe's fastest growing digital companies.

Schibsted Growth is the group's vehicle for investing in entrepreneurs and innovative companies with digital products and services. With an international perspective and a local presence, the Schibsted Growth team invests for the long term in ambitious digital companies that want to change the world.

We help founders and winning teams to establish products or services, scale their business, maximise growth and, ultimately, to become market leaders. Locally and globally. Over the years we have invested in various digital consumer services, marketplaces, B2B services, financial services and fintech companies.

So far we've helped more than 30 companies to get a headstart on their journey to success by leveraging the pooled experience, resources and networks within Schibsted Media Group.

We continuously look for new investment opportunities in companies that create unique value for their users, either by disrupting or digitally transforming traditional industries or defining new ones. Entrepreneurs who we can partner with, and build great companies together with