Aftenposten and VG to co-locate in Akersgata

The Aftenposten and VG media houses are to co-locate in Akersgata 55, where VG is currently based. – We are delighted to have arrived at a solution that will make for better collaboration and at the same time give our people in the media houses a good workplace in a central part of downtown Oslo, says Schibsted Media Group’s CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

Since long Akersgata has been known as Oslo’s "newspaper street", located in the city centre and close by Norway's key national institutions.

The main objectives for co-locating is to create a good workplace and work environment, retain and strengthen the identities of each business, and achieve a good overall financial position.

– Aftenposten is looking forward to collaborating more closely with VG in areas where we have something to learn from each other and that will make us even better. At the same time, I guarantee that the tough competition for the best news stories will continue, says Aftenposten's Editor-in-Chief Hilde Haugsgjerd.

– VG and Aftenposten have been neighbours before in Akersgata. The thought of having two such large, important and long-established media houses under the same roof is exciting, says VG's Editor-in-Chief Torry Pedersen.

Schibsted Media Group also considered the possibility of co-locating all the group's Oslo-based businesses, but finally decided to gather the major media houses VG and Aftenposten in one building instead. This means that, Schibsted Forlag and the headquarters of Schibsted Media Group will remain in their present premises.

– That is because it is VG and Aftenposten that have the most to gain from closer collaboration wherever it comes naturally to do so. Another important factor for us is that the move can now happen much sooner than the other options. This is therefore the best solution in a media industry that is undergoing a period of dramatic change, says Ryssdal.

Processes to find new and suitable premises for other business, such as Schibsted IT and Felles Tjenestesenter, will be initiated.

The tenancy agreement with KLP is for ten years with an option to extend for two new ten-year terms, and means lower rental costs compared with today's market.

The move is expected to happen around the turn of the year 2013/2014. The Chief Health and Safety Officer and Employee Representative will be involved at different levels in the process leading up to the move.

The project group consists of representatives from Schibsted ASA, the major subsidiaries, and consultants from DTZ. The group is conducting ongoing dialogue with a number of people in-house to ensure that special functions and needs are satisfactorily covered. The project's steering group consists of Trond Berger (CFO, Schibsted Media Group), Didrik Munch (CEO, Schibsted Norge), Torry Pedersen (Editor-in-Chief and CEO, VG) and Morten Lia (Group Employee Representative, Schibsted Media Group).

Published: 8/22/2012 10:12 AM
Last updated: 8/22/2012 10:13 AM