Schibsted Products & Technology

Schibsted Products & Technology was created to keep Schibsted at the forefront of modern media and technology. We have the freedom and creativity of a start-up, but the global reach and backing of Schibsted Media Group.


Schibsted Products & Technology was set up to ensure Schibsted Media Group is not just ready for the future, but actively helping to design and create that future. We are building the tools, platforms and services of tomorrow.


Users are becoming more discerning as digital citizens, consuming media in new ways, across multiple platforms. What they demand are online services that can seamlessly follow these new behaviour patterns, to learn and remember them, anticipate needs and offer one-click solutions with an immediate response.


Schibsted Products & Technology is developing state of the art, innovative products and services to power Schibsted’s digital future. We want to deliver the very best, individual user experiences to ensure Schibsted is by your side not just today, but tomorrow as well.

Says CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal, “To meet user needs we are making coordinated efforts and strong investments in products, data science, user experience and technology; for example, in building new global platforms for our media houses, online marketplaces and digital advertising."

To provide brilliant digital products and user experience, Schibsted Products & Technology is continuing to hire world-class software engineers, data scientists, designers and product managers. The knowledgeable and creative teams we are building in London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Oslo will ensure Schibsted's position as a global Internet powerhouse.

“We are recruiting a lot of people and talent," adds Ryssdal. "This will increase our capability for swift innovation and make us more agile in adapting to the constantly changing needs of our users.”

Schibsted Products & Technology (SPT) currently spans four countries: Norway, Sweden, the UK and Spain, with teams focused on building highly scalable platforms, common tools, and products for all of Schibsted Media Group companies.

Schibsted Products & Technology teams include:

  • Ads
  • Marketplaces
  • Publishing
  • Data
  • Infrastructure
  • User Experience
  • Platform Components

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