Our strategy to become a global leader within our fields is bold. It consists of three elements that work seamlessly together: Classifieds, Growth and Media houses.

Online Classifieds

We aim to be a global leader in online classified marketplaces and offer the best solutions and services for our users.


We invest in great entrepreneurs and help scale their businesses locally and internationally by leveraging the Schibsted ecosystem.

Media Houses

We are building world class digital Media Houses that will shape the media landscape for years to come.


We empower people with our news and opinions. We empower them by providing transparent and secure marketplaces. We empower them by creating services that provide them with better deals. We empower them by defending freedom of the press and editorial integrity.

This is a mission that we are proud of and that will always hold true.

Contributing to a better world

Schibsted Media Group’s corporate social responsibility is closely linked to our mission of “Empowering people in their daily life”, our values and our core business. We believe that we, together with our users, can contribute to a more sustainable society in what we do every day.

We define our responsibility as “How we care about our own people and the world around us”.

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Talent and organizational development

Schibsted is a knowledge-based company. In addition to strong brands, highly qualified employees and the right expertise are our most valuable resources.


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