Empowering people in their daily life

We believe that the secret to our continued success lies in understanding, truly understanding, the future needs of our customers – all the millions of people that use our various services every day.

This means that we need to know what kind of tools and services people really want and need to make their life easier.

  • What are the drivers when visiting our marketplaces?
  • How do they change behavior in a mobile setting?
  • How and when do they want to consume news and opinions?
  • What kind of smart services will make their lives easier?
  • How and when do they want to interact with us?

This is equally true for companies that advertise in our media and channels, and partner with us in other ways: we want to empower them through our products and services.

To really do this we need to embrace and understand their challenges and strive to offer them flexible solutions. We express those ambitions in our mission "Empowering people in their daily life" and vision "Shaping the media of tomorrow. Today". This guides everything we do from our R&D, to new business ventures, recruitment policy and running our everyday business.

We also rely on our core values – four statements that guide us on a daily basis: