Schibsted People: Meet Padraic from VG

Keen to share his tech knowledge with others, VG's Mobile Development Manager Padraic Woods is now a regular blogger for

We have interviewed Padraic Woods about his job at VG, and the post he writes for INMA's mobile strategies blog every 10 weeks.

You're Irish - what brought you to Norway, and VG?

"I’ve been living in Norway for the last 14 years. I’ve worked for VG for the last 4 years.

I worked as a developer for a Norwegian tech startup in Kilkenny, Ireland back in 2000, when the .com bubble burst they closed down the Irish office and asked a handful of people working outside of Norway to move to the Norwegian office. I worked for that company for six years before starting a company with another VG colleague, Christian Bogstad. We created a file transfer product and were also hired as consultants to create iOS apps for a number of Norwegian companies, VG being one of them. We were both later hired by VG Mobil AS. VG Mobil was a daughter company of VG and consisted of a small cross functional team of people with focus on the mobile experience and on development of a number of products including VG+, VGs premium digital subscription product.  

VG Mobile was merged with VG last year after going through a period of incredible growth. I’m now the Mobile Development manager at VG, with responsibility for the app development team. I’m also product owner for the VG App, Pent and TV Guide services, technical project manager for VG+ and I’m working with the personalisation team in VG."

What is it like to be part of VG's – and Schibsted's – tech environment?

VG is a very exciting place to work. We are around 55 people in our department with a little under half working out of the Schibsted Tech Polska office in Krakow.

Coming from the start-up scene to VG wasn’t as big a transition as I thought it would be. A lot of the same principles and values are ingrained in the working culture in VG. There are a lot of talented people who have a passion and a desire to create new and innovative solutions, which is the key to survival in the rapidly changing media landscape. Being part of Schibsted Media Group is an added advantage that gives us access to people from across the world and the chance to learn from their experiences and markets.

What to you blog about?

"I started with writing for our tech blog (, the goal of which is to share knowledge internally and share some of the cool tech projects and challenges we are working on at VG with the rest of the world. I was then asked by INMA if I would like to blog for them after they read one of my posts on our tech blog." 

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m an outdoor enthusiast and spend most of my spare time trying new things or exploring new places. A few years ago I wrote a book about adventure activities in Ireland called 30 Irish Adventures, which involved hiking, paragliding, caving, climbing, kayaking, land sailing, coasteering etc. 

Here are some of the blog posts Padraic has written for INMA:

Padraic also posts the articles on VGs tech blog available at

Facts about Padraic:

Name: Padraic Woods
Age: 38
Title: Mobile Development Manager
Company: VG
Country: Norway
How long have you worked here: Over four years
Work history in other Schibsted companies: Only VG.

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