With over 3.4 million readers and users daily, Aftonbladet is Sweden's most popular news source. Aftonbladet is biggest in all channels: print, online, and mobile.

Aftonbladet aims to be the most engaging news source and meeting place for people wanting to stay informed on the latest news. This is achieved by employing investigative journalism in serious issues dealing with life and death as well as in events in areas such as entertainment, sports, lifestyle, live broadcasts, IT journalism, and reader interaction.

The most dramatic growth is happening on mobile, which is set to take the lead as the primary news source. Aftonbladet's mobile sites are now one of the country's biggest news sources, and the lead it has in its competitors will grow even more than online.

2013 is the year when the evening newspaper Aftonbladet was transformed into TV 'proper'. The new live studio at the heart of the editorial department has quickly become a core element in Aftonbladet's news reporting, demonstrating a speed and presence that leaves traditional TV channels trailing far behind. More than 1,000 live broadcasts are now transmitted annually, in addition to 10,000 news clips. It also offers a range of program formats such as Partiprogrammet, Sportbladet News, and Brottcentralen.