Stavanger Aftenblad

The Stavanger Aftenblad media house is founded on solid traditions that were established under the leadership of its founder, Lars Oftedal.

Oftedal founded Stavanger Aftenblad on 1 September 1893, and remained its editor under 1900, when his son Lars Oftedal Jr took over. Oftedal Jr was editor of the newspaper until 1932, and brought many of his own values into the newspaper columns.

Today Aftenbladet defines itself as a politically independent newspaper founded on Christian humanistic values, characterized by tolerance and openness. Stavanger Aftenblad’s vision is to make the region of Rogaland a little bigger and the world a little smaller.

The media house’s core activity is the Stavanger Aftenblad, a morning newspaper published six days a week, and the leading newspaper in South-Western Norway. The core market lies in the Stavanger and Sandnes regions, but the newspaper also has wide readership in the rest of Rogaland County.

The Stavanger Aftenblad media house aims to reach the entire population in its region, something which is made possible through its mediating channels.

Stavanger Aftenblad’s new and modern head office, which is situated in Stavanger city centre, was opened in 2008. The printing plant is situated in Forus.

The company is part of Schibsted Norge.