The newspaper has continually worked on innovation and brand-building, and is one of Norway’s strongest brands.

VG was founded after the Second World War by a group of individuals with close ties to the Norwegian liberation movement. The first edition came out on 23 June 1945. Schibsted has owned VG since 1966.

VG has a unique position in the Norwegian newspaper market: VG must be perceived as Norway’s leading provider of news, entertainment and other information of topical interest, 24 hours a day.

In addition to publishing Norway’s biggest non-subscription newspaper, the VG media house develops and provides VG’s advertisers with exciting and attractive solutions that combine paper, the internet and mobile communication.

VG Multimedia is a wholly-owned subsidiary which operates VG Nett, Norway's most popular website. VG also operates E24, which is Norway’s most-visited website for financial news and owns the companies Dine Penger and VG Mobil.

The company is part of Schibsted Norge. The head office is situated in Oslo.