Blocket new CEO

Jan Prokopec has been appointed new CEO of Blocket. Martin Frey claims top position in Schibsted Classified Media.

After ten years with Blocket, including eight as CEO, Martin Frey hands over the reins to Deputy CEO Jan Prokopec. Jan Prokopec has held the role of Deputy CEO during the last year and has been with Blocket since 2011. Martin Frey assumes the position of Senior Vice President of Schibsted Classified Media Northern & Eastern Europe, a business area that includes Blocket.

"Blocket is one of Sweden's most popular services and it is an honour to continue developing our products and business together with our 125 employees. We are in a very exciting phase where we are expanding our offering by bringing in ads from real estate brokers on Blocket. Recently, we also acquired StepStone to strengthen our focus on Jobs," says Jan Prokopec.

Jan Prokopec is appointed the position by the board of Blocket. Terje Seljeseth, Chairman and CEO of Schibsted Classified Media says:

"We are very pleased that Jan Prokopec steps into the role of CEO at Blocket. His strategic skills combined with business acumen and leadership skills will take Blocket to new heights. Within Schibsted Classified Media our ambition is to become a world leader and Martin Frey is a key person for this work."

Jan Prokopec has also held positions as COO and Head of business development and strategy at Blocket. Prior to joining Blocket, he was Head of business and product development at

SVP Schibsted Classified Media Northern & Eastern Europe

Martin Frey will be responsible for Schibsted Classified Media's operations in Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Romania, Hungary and Belarus. He will also be responsible for the start-up site and SCM Ventures working to establish the Blocket concept in additional markets. Martin Frey will also remain in Schibsted Sweden's group executive board until further notice.

"My 10 years with Blocket have been fantastic! When I started at Blocket we were 7 people who sat in a tiny room in little Solna. Today we are 125 people in Sweden and have established the concept in over 30 markets. It feels great to hand over to Jan Prokopec who is the right person for Blocket. I look forward to focusing more on international expansion," says Martin Frey.

Published: 3/3/2014 11:11 AM
Last updated: 3/3/2014 11:50 AM

Martin and Jan in brief

Name: Martin Frey

Former title: CEO at Blocket

New title: Senior Vice President of Schibsted Classified Media Northern & Eastern Europe

Age: 39

Family: Wife and three children

Lives: In Stockholm

Education: Master of Engineering from KTH

Name: Jan Prokopec

Former title: Deputy CEO at Blocket

New title: CEO at Blocket

Age: 34

Family: Wife and one child

Lives: In Stockholm

Education: Master of Science from Stockholm School of Economics


About Blocket

Blocket was started as a regional site in Skåne in Sweden in 1996 by 44 -year-old Henrik Nordström from Fjälkinge. In late 1997, the market place covered all of Sweden. The Norwegian media group Schibsted acquired Blocket in 2003 from the shareholders Henrik Nordström and Pierre Siri, who had joined Blocket as a shareholder and CEO. Schibsted Classified Media has launched the Blocket concept in more than 30 countries over the past years.

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