Invest in Schibsted Media Group

Schibsted Media Group's markets

  • The media markets are characterized by rapid change. The internet is increasing its share of overall media consumption and the advertising markets. 
  • Both Schibsted Media Group’s online and print operations and its online classified operations hold top positions in several markets in Scandinavia and elsewhere.
  • Schibsted has handled the transition to online media better than most other companies of its kind. Close to 70% of Schibsted’s operating revenues derive from online activities (FY 2016 figures), and the group intends to maintain and continue to develop a culture characterized by creativity and innovation.
  • Schibsted is well placed to play a part in the market developments that will take place in the years ahead.

Clear strategy based on two solid pillars

Online classifieds

  • Market-leading positions with high margins and good growth in Norway, Sweden, Spain and France.
  • Forceful though not particularly capital-intensive investment in expansion into new markets through rolling out tried and tested, competitive concepts from already established markets.

Media Houses

  • Strong brands and a wide reach in the print and online businesses in Norway and Sweden as well as some selected international markets.
  • Focus on maintaining the strong cash flow and profitability from printed media activities through working on product development, streamlining operations, drawing on group-wide synergy effects and implementing price optimization.
  • Leading positions and good profitability in online activities. Strong traffic positions create the potential to drive economic growth by adding traffic to newly established or acquired online services.

Focus on profitability and innovation to create shareholder value

Schibsted will maintain its focus on profitability .

It is also an objective to maintain the Group's capabilities within innovation. Schibsted Media Group will continue to make targeted investments in online businesses, primarily in the online classifieds sector.

This forms the basis for the creation of long term shareholder value.

Dividend policy

The strategy and vision which Schibsted’s Board of Directors has agreed on means the Group’s operations must adapt quickly and be highly developed. Schibsted’s capital structure must be sufficiently robust to maintain the desired freedom of action and to be able to exploit growth opportunities based on strict assessments relating to our allocation of capital.

Schibsted will place emphasis on paying a stable to increasing dividend amount over time. In years of economic slowdown or for other reasons weaker cash flows, the company may reduce or decide not to pay dividend.

Schibsted is exposed to economic cycles as well as structural changes, and the capital structure should also be strong enough to secure financial flexibility during recession periods, which is one of the worst-case scenarios taken into account in our modeling.